• Why is Jesus In Jeans?
    In accordance with 1 Corinthians 9:20 Jesus is in jeans to simply give a visual illustration that Jesus is relevant enough that he might just be wearing jeans if he appeared and spoke with us today. We don't believe that the clothes makes Jesus but rather Jesus is Jesus, regardless of the clothes.
  • Is Jesus In Jeans back in Bible Times?
    No. All visual references of Biblical characters back in Biblical times are in clothing of that time. Jesus in only in jeans when He is illustrated in or referred to the modern times. We do this to help kids relate to him where they live and in all they do.
  • Does the Curriculum need to be taught in any order or sequence?
    No. Although the first year of Jesus in Jeans follows Jesus life and teachings in the gospels, and can be taught in sequence, each quarter of curriculum can be taught in any sequence. Simply look at the titles and determine which sequence works best for your kids.
  • Can any denomination use Jesus In Jeans?
    Yes. Jesus In Jeans is written in a simple teaching format based on the foundation based on the Bible. We believe that Jesus is our only hope of salvation and that the God head is made up of our heavenly Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. When dealing with controversial topics we allow for each church to teach what they believe is relevant to kids based on age and their statement of faith. Click here to read our statement of faith.
  • What comes in a quarter of curriculum?
    If you purchase the most basic version (download or traditional with binder and CD only) they will include all files needed to teach the curriculum. To find out what files are included in basic packs and value packs that include posters, banners, music, and salvation booklets click here.
  • I have multiple campus facilities. How many curriculum do I need to purchase?
    Jesus In Jeans resources are intended for use only by each individual church that purchases it. We ask that churches with multi-site campuses purchase separate curriculum for each campus. All rights reserved 2012.
  • What is the refund policy if I decide to cancel?
    Download Orders:
    No refunds available for download orders.

    Traditional Orders:
    A refund will be given if you call within 72 hours from the time your order arrives. We ask that you ship all of the product back in its original packaging unopened. All refunds will include a $25 cancellation, restocking, fee. Only one cancellation is allowed per organization or individual. If all product is returned in perfect condition the total refund due will be credited back to your account and will equal the original purchase price less the $25 cancellation fee and the cost of shipping and handling.


  • Why do the PDFs not view or print correctly?
    If you are experiencing problems with your PDFs displaying only a white page, or you are receiving an error that the viewer cannot decrypt the document, please update your Adobe Reader to the latest version. You will find the most recent installers at www.adobe.com.
  • Why can't I download? Or, I receive an error when I download.
    PC Users
    If you are on a PC, you probably have a temporary file hanging around from a previous failed download. You should go to Start menu > Settings > Control Panels > Internet Options. From the General tab, click on the button in the Temporary Internet Files panel. Click on the Delete Files button to remove any failed download or partial download of that file.
    Also, Click on the 'Settings' button in this same panel and make sure that your browser is set to 'Check for newer version of stored pages' at 'every visit to the page.' Apply the changes and close the 'Internet Options' window.
    If that doesn't work call our office and we will help you download your files. (815) 715-2396.
    Mac Users
    If you are on a Mac, you can accomplish the same thing by going to 'Preferences > Advanced > Empty Now' under 'Cache Settings.'

Curriculum Samples

Download free samples of Jesus In Jeans Curriculum.

Free sample of JIJ Jr Preschool Curriculum.


Free sample of JIJ Elementay Curriculum.


Elementary Scope & Sequence

  • Jesus In Real Life Series (Year One)


  • Living Real Life Series    (Year Two)


JIJ Junior Scope & Sequence

  • Bible Rhymes


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