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Copyright and User Agreement

Jesus In Jeans™ endeavors to support compliance with United States Copyright Law and provides the following guidelines to assist those wishing to utilize our curriculum.

Use of Jesus In Jeans™ Copyrighted Content - Jesus In Jeans™ products and services—including images, text, music, and software downloads (the "content")—are owned by Creative For Kids™ Inc.. Any unauthorized reproduction of this material would be in direct violation of US copyright laws. Creative For Kids™ grants permission to churches to reproduce any documents within these materials to fit the environments and requirements for teaching within their church facility. These resources are intended for use only by each individual church that purchases it. We ask that churches with multi-site campuses purchase separate curriculum for each campus. All rights reserved 2012.

Jesus In Jeans™ does provide each lesson in a word doc format to allow the leader or teacher to make changes to the lessons layout and structure as needed, to fit their teaching style and needs. We do ask that you not make substantial changes to content in which Biblical principles and concepts are presented, we ask that you to stay within the doctrinal guidelines expressed on the Jesus In Jeans™website.

Curriculum Samples

Download free samples of Jesus In Jeans Curriculum.

Free sample of JIJ Jr Preschool Curriculum.


Free sample of JIJ Elementay Curriculum.


Elementary Scope & Sequence

  • Jesus In Real Life Series (Year One)


  • Living Real Life Series    (Year Two)


JIJ Junior Scope & Sequence

  • Bible Rhymes


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